Sella Costa Blanca

Sella Costa Blanca

Puig Campana Mountains costa Blanca Spain

Puig Campana Mountains

rock climbing

Val de L'Arc

photos of the Val de L'ArcDetails: Easy/Moderate - 11 km - 5 hours

A very nice opening walk takes you from the mountain village of Sella, about 30 minutes drive from Benidorm. After a coffee in the village we drive to the Refugio (a popular camping stop for rock climbers).

We start here with a gentle ascent through the Barranco del Arc giving you ever increasing vistas in front and behind you. The route brings you to a Casite where a very warm welcome from Auriel, a young Spanish landowner, who offers you a tea or coffee and invites you to make yourself at home.

Near the end of the walk you pass the climbing crags, where climbers hone their skills on the vertical limestone formations. In the top 3 of our most popular walks.