Even if you haven't ridden a bike for decades, the thrill of gliding downhill for nearly 24 miles is an experience to ensure the most memorable day out of your visit to the Costa Blanca

Don't forget your camera! The views are amazing when you're more than a mile high!


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We also do the Downhill Bike Ride

IMAGINE .... just for one day, that you're
leaving the bars, beaches and bustle of the
busy coast behind you and being driven
more than a mile high through spectacular
mountain scenery to the highest point on
the Costa Blanca.


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IMAGINE .... being on a mountain-bike
and letting gravity take over as
you glide smoothly downhill for 24 miles
at your own pace
in easily manageable sections.



IMAGINE .... breathing pure mountain air. The scent of pine,
lavender, and orange blossom. The taste of fresh spring-water.


IMAGINE .... a land of discovery with
majestic mountains, dramatic gorges, fertile
valleys, Moorish castles, quaint villages,
abundant wildlife, soaring eagles.


IMAGINE .... that reality's even better when you're on


Safe & Easy all the way on tarmac roads

suitable for all ages and abilities

Bike Ride Price

€36 adults & €25 for Children 12 and under....