Navarra - Snow Pit

A Navarra snow pit



Fat Mans Agony - The Aitana

Details: Moderate/strenuous - 11 km - 5 hours

Starting from the south side of the Sierra Aitana at the 'Partagas' above the village of Benifato, this walk take you from 950m to the highest point on the Costa Blanca - The Aitana 1558m. There are good examples of the 'Neveras', deep holes in the ground at high altitude where snow was compressed into ice, an early type of refrigeration. The snow was compacted into theses deep holes and covered with straw and would provide ice for preserving food and serving cold drinks during the hot summer months. Due to modern methods these pits where no longer used at the end of the 19th Century.

There follows a scramble to the broad summit of the Aitana, close to the military base used by the Spanish army. Along the ridge of the Aitana you are treated to the most panoramic and awesome views on the Costa Blanca